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What is Odds Ratio?

Odds ratio is a measure of association between two variables i.e. a measure to determine wether the presence of a variable is associated with the presence or absence of another variable. For example, we can […]

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Storytelling in Research

Storytelling in Research: Literature Review

Writing up your manuscript is actually, storytelling! Firstly, you set the stage, lighting, colors, and music in the INTRODUCTION, introducing the idea and establishing a background for the reader through literature review. Then, you tell the […]

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Randomization (Random Sampling)

It is extremely difficult or even impossible to recruit the whole population for an experiment. If this was possible, it would be the perfect sample for any study. Since this is the case, statisticians decided that […]

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P Value in Arabic

P-Value and Hypothesis Testing

Well, p-value? This magical value (p-value) that determines the fate of hypotheses. We usually find this value in studies, it is a principal concept to understand studies, so, what does it mean? To better understand this […]

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How To Come Up With A Research Idea

Many studies started with ideas that were considered naive or impossible. And that’s why some good ideas emerge from beginners in research or students, that’s because of them having little experience in the field and […]

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Aim, Hypothesis and Title

Introduction I’m writing today in this very first article on the baby steps you take to start your research project. These steps come when you are already set on your research idea. You will learn […]